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Far Cry 5 is a 2018 first-person shooter game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and Ubisoft Toronto and published by Ubisoft. It is the fifth main installment in the Far Cry series. The game takes place in Hope County, a fictional region of Montana, United States

Far Cry 5’s for hire system lets you find people and animals to fight alongside you. But it’s not always clear what the distinction is between specialists, fighters, guns for hire, and fangs for hire. In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about the people in your team.  


Far Cry 5’s roster menu shows the people you’ve hired (though you’re not actually paying any money, so “recruited” might be a better word here). If they’re human, they’re guns for hire. If they’re an animal, they’re fangs for hire.

There are two categories on the left side of the roster menu: specialists and fighters. Here’s the difference:

  • Specialists are guns and fangs for hire with a class and an associated story mission. For example, Jess Back is a hunter. That’s her class. Both of her abilities are hunter-themed — she’s good at hiding, and animals like her. You need to complete the “A Dish Served Cold” mission to add her to your Far Cry 5 roster.
  • Fighters are random people you hire to fight with you. You don’t have to go out of your way to find them. They don’t have story missions. They’ll just show up around outposts you’ve liberated, fall out of the back of Peggie kidnap-vans, or a cultist will literally drag them past you. Just walk up to them, press a button, and they become your partner. You can find them the fighters section of the roster menu. (They’re hiding behind the three gun icons at the bottom left.)

Everyone you hire has two abilities, which you can see when you highlight a character in the roster menu. Specialists’ abilities are available as soon as you recruit them, but fighters have to kill five enemies to unlock their first and 12 enemies to unlock their second.

There are three animal companions (fangs for hire) available to you. They are all specialists — you’re not going to find any animal fighters.


Specialists are the more elite type of companion in Far Cry 5. They each have two unique abilities that tend to be a bit more powerful than the fighter abilities below. There are nine specialists — three in each of the Seed clan’s areas. You can view their details in the specialist's area of the roster menu, but you won’t be able to recruit them to fight alongside you until you’ve finished their story mission. Some specialists also have an associated perk in your perks menu that will allow them to come back to a fight more quickly after being injured.


NameClass/SpecialtyAbility 1Ability 2Use case
BoomerScoutPointer: Tags all nearby enemies.Retriever: Sometimes fetches a weapon after an attack.Scouting outposts and other locations to tag enemies. Not a great fighter.
CheeseburgerHeavyBear Arms: Exercises his right to attack.Cross to Bear: Draws focus during combat.Great fighter, lots of health, attracts enemies' attention.
PeachesStealthPounce: Takes down enemies silently.Stalk: Stays hidden when moving through tall grass.Great for stealth takedowns anywhere, including outposts. She's weak, though, so be careful when she's spotted.
Nick RyePilotBomb’s Away: You want a bomb? He’ll drop it.Light ’Em Up: You want a strafing run? Lookout.Nick attacks from the air, so he's not a stealthy or fast option. Bombs are great against vehicles.
Hurk Drubman Jr.RPGHeat Seeker: RPGs will track air and land vehicles.Junk It: RPGs on vehicles are more destructive.His RPG is deadly against vehicles, which is great for blowing them up but less great for keeping hostages alive.
Sharky BoshawHeavy FlamerFire It Up: Attacks have an extra spark to them.Shatterproof: Resistance to most explosions and impacts.A close-range fighter who prefers flamethrowers and shotguns. He tends to catch everything on fire, though.
Grace ArmstrongSniperBoom Boom: Her sniper shots scare enemies.Friend Sight: Her laser sight is easier to distinguish.A slow-firing sniper for enemies out of your normal attack range.
Jess BlackHunterConcealment: Enemies have a harder time detecting her.Feral Friendly: Wild animals see her as one of their own.Stealthy, great for silently taking down outposts and hunting with her bow.
Adelaide DrubmanPilotCall a Chopper: When called on, will deliver a helicopter.Less Reload: Gun + big magazine = more shooting.Flies a helicopter in for support. Not for stealth. On the ground, her big magazines mean more shooting and less reloading.

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