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Create Your Digital Identity

Follow these steps:

1.  This is a paid service, you will be charged $1 per hour for creating your digital identity on a Remote Desktop,

2.  Hit the character creator instance button, it will download a Remote Desktop Client from servers,

3.  Wait for 25 seconds, it will provide you a Public DNS Name, and password,

4.  Open the downloaded Remote Desktop Client file, Right Click and hit Edit,

5.  In the Computer section, paste the Public DNS Name provided on the website. Hit Save then press Connect,

6.  In a moment, it will prompt you to enter the password, copy the password from the website, and hit Enter, you are in,

7.  Now follow this tutorial for creating your digital identity,


8.  In last, make sure you are terminating the Remote Desktop unless it can cause you additional charges as extra Remote Desktop uses hours.

9.  For uploading the character mesh, head to your profile section, and from the Right Side pane choose the character and upload the file.

Password: Ed;xRnObgcX.JmWp?fUm%efyr$iaIfoB



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